Sugar free vegan jam

90,000.00 EUR


50,000.00 EUR




We are a family farm 50 km from Paris. For more than 15 years we have been adhering to and promoting a healthy diet. We dream that as many people as possible eat fresh, balanced food and maintain their health for as long as possible.

We are launching the sale of sugar-free jams with 10 different flavors. Jams are made from organic products grown on our farm.

Our mission:
Collect 5,000 euros by March 10, 2023 to organize the production of the first batch of jams.

Our vision:
By transferring money for the production of jams, you will receive a set of jams with a total weight of 2 kg packaged in 10 jars of 200 ml

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50,000.00 EUR
Date:Mar 2020