“If the farmer is poor, then so is the whole country” (Polish proverb)

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Why we do this?

More than 500 million farms around the world are on the brink of survival and earn less than €2 a day. These farms use manual labor, lack water and electricity, and are built from whatever materials they can find, make their own, or purchase at extremely low prices. Due to low income and non-presentable farms, farmers have no access to credit. State support and support from foundations is insufficient or non-existent.

Who can help?

Around the world there are many people who are not indifferent to this problem. They are ready to support and help develop such farms, because they believe that this is the right thing to do and will solve the problem of agriculture sustainability. Farms are also of interest to companies looking for suppliers of farm products. Often these products are unique, of very high quality and environmentally friendly. Farms in developing countries are investment-attractive, as they have a high growth potential. We have developed our platform for those who are committed to the development of sustainable agriculture around the world, for those who understand how important it is to support farms in the face of progressive world hunger and migration. We call on all those who are ready to help in solving the problems associated with the modernization of farms to increase their efficiency to join our community: individuals, companies supplying equipment, companies - consumers of agricultural products, farmers' organizations and funds.

Our Solution

Trusted crowdfunding

We accept farming projects in Africa and Eastern Europe aimed on:

We build strong community around our initiative to help farmers with analysis, choosing of equipment, calculations, predictions and expert advices

Our Mission

Helping farmers in developing countries make a rapid transition from manual labor to modern agricultural technologies and equipment, reduce hunger and migration associated with the inefficient use of agricultural lands.

Trusted by the biggest nonprofits, companies in the world.