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RealMeal allows farmers to collect the necessary amount from private investors without unnecessary trips to banks for the period that the farmer will install independently. The platform charges a one-time fee of 10% of the amount of funds collected at the time of transfer of funds to the farmer.​

Be a part of community

New to crowdfunding? Here, farmers and buyers can communicate directly with each other, share opinions, receive advice, realize ideas and dreams.

Our advantages

RealMeal makes farm financing simple and understandable, accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world. It will be economical for farmers to produce and sell their products directly to the buyer, rather than selling them at a minimum margin to a reseller, losing potential profits. The proceeds from the sales will cover the production costs of farmers and allow farmers to improve their production. The backer (investor) will have the opportunity to invest in the future harvest in advance and receive it at attractive prices, while being sure that he is buying a real farm product.​

Even 1 euro can save the farm

Many people would like to financially support local farms, but it seems to them that their donations are too small. The platform allows backer to set a minimum donation of 1 euro. The average donation size worldwide is 20 euro. Thanks to donations, thousands of projects around the world have developed or remained afloat ​

Dream and create without going to the bank

Choose & Publish. Easy start

Easy start of fundraising campaign. No goal requirements, no deadlines, no tedious collection of papers and trips to the bank

Receive & Share

Receive the required amount from future customers, publish the progress of the project, share the result

Communicate. Advise

Сommunicate, track the progress of the project, ask questions, comment, advise and get the product you want

Safety. Guaranteed. Trusted

We provide access to the platform only to verified farmers. No resellers. No fake. No scam

How to...

Hereby you will find our tips and expert advice on how to run your campaign more effectively.

Ask for the right amount

Ask for the right amount

Your goal amount should be based on a few factors: your budget, constituents, and your outreach capacity. It’s said that the average donation from an

How to find backers

How to find backers

To find crowdfunding backers, you’ll first need to understand them. The best way to gain a sense of your audience is to create a profile

How crowdfunding works

How crowdfunding works

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. This approach taps into the collective efforts of